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Bitdefender Family Pack 2021 [15-D, 2-YR]

Comprehensive fully-featured security suite with a 2-year license for 15 users and devices

Exclusive offer. Only for readers of PCWorld - only valid until September 30, 2021

Today's Price: 29.99 € 159.99 €
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BitDefender Family Pack 2021 has to be the ultimate security solution.

Why? On your PC, it takes Bitdefender Total Security 2021, the premier security suite and adds even more flexibility, enabling you to licence for the household. This means anyone within your local network, whether they own a PC, Mac, iOS or Android device, and irrespective of how many devices they own can activate a single copy of Family Pack 2021. It's that flexible.

How does that differ from a regular copy of Total Security 2021? Buy a 10-device version of Total Security and it's still limited by on licensing function: it enables only one person to activate 10 devices. Where Family Pack differs is that it offers everyone you choose to add to your network to activate whatever they like.

Note that 'Family Pack' will protect up to 15 devices, whether they are your own or your family and friends devices.

Includes a 15-Device, 2-Year licence.

Hurry, this offer will end September 30.